HUAMO GROUP In 26th Xiamen Industrial Expo 2022


Recently, HUAMO Group was invited to participate in the 26th Xiamen Industrial Expo in 2022. The water treatment products exhibited by Huamo are exquisite in technology and full of highlights, attracting a large number of exhibitors to stop and watch.

With its nationwide sales network, Huamo has developed into a water treatment material integrator in the industry over the past 20 years. At present, Huamo is investing in the construction of production plants, recruiting skilled professionals in the industry, and gradually transforming into manufacturing. At present, the products independently developed and produced by Huame Film include filter elements, stainless steel membrane shells, ultrafiltration membranes, stainless steel filters, Clayson automation equipment, EDI membrane blocks, reverse osmosis membranes and other products. In this exhibition, Huamo exhibited many of its star products.

The 6-inch reverse osmosis membrane produced and developed by Huamem is currently the exclusive patented product of Huamem, and its unique specifications make up for the blank in the field of membrane products. 6040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane has 5% more effective membrane area than a 4-inch reverse osmosis membrane. It can effectively alleviate the problem of low flux caused by the quality of raw water and the problem of insufficient water volume caused by low water temperature, and effectively improve the water recovery rate.

The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane produced by Huamem, with a professional technical team, builds the excellent quality of Huamem with ingenuity. The high-quality membrane filaments are selected, and the water production flux is higher than that of similar domestic products; the continuous improvement of the process creates a unique internal structure of the product to reduce the probability of membrane blockage.

At the same time, the main products of the exhibition, the Clayson EDI Modules and the 0.5-ton water storage equipment. From material selection to manufacture, the EDI module produced by Huamo embody the efforts of Huamo people in every step. EDI maintenance and after-sales service are handled with care, which can further demonstrate the service spirit of Huamo's customer first. The 0.5 ton water storage equipment opens a new era of intelligent water purification, one-button start, simple and safe operation.

Huamo has been trying technological innovation, equipment improvement, and continuous upgrading and iteration of traditional production methods. RO membrane products are the pillar products of China RO Membrane. In 2021, the company will spend 20 million to introduce a high-performance fully automated film roll production line with core manufacturing capabilities. Relying on the advantages of technology research and development and manufacturing, the company focuses on providing customers with more complete solutions to water treatment problems.

In the future, Huamo will make unremitting efforts to continuously strengthen the green design innovation and development ability and management level, continuously upgrade the energy efficiency of products, and have excellent creativity to help sustainable development in the future!