Conductivity Monitor Water Quality Monitors cm-230
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Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Dosing Pump
Chemical Dosing Pumps are compact, positive displacement pumps that are designed to pump an extremely accurate flow rate of chemicals or other substances into a water or gas stream. These dosing pumps work by taking a certain amount of liquid into the chamber and inserting the chemical into pipes or tanks that harbor the fluid that is being dosed. The pump is energized mainly by electric motors or an aeration actuating element and utilizes a controller than navigates the pumps (controls flow rate) and switches the power on and off.
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PP Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridge 10'' 20'' PP Filter Cartridge
HUAMO Sediment Filter Cartridge also named sediment water filter cartridge is used to efficiently remove sand, rust, gravel and other suspended particles from water. It offers high purity and longer service time with the extended surface area and greater dirt holding capacity.
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HUAMO Replacement Under-Sink Water Filter Cartridges
HUAMO replacement under sink water filters take out chlorine and other contaminants from your drinking and cooking water.
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10" Ceramic Candle Water Filter Cartridge Element Undersink Ceramic Filter Cartridge
This ceramic filter will filter down to 0.5 microns and is a very effective filter often used in undersink filter systems. This filter cartridge is self sterilising and does not require boiling.
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UPVC Multi Cartridge Filter Housing
UPVC Cartridge Filter Housing must have the right features to set them apart from the other cartridge filter housings. These features should also contribute to the overall excellent performance and efficiency of the device.
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O-zone Gas Generator Water Purifier With Automatic Air Dryer For Air And Water Treatment
The OZ series products are corona discharge type ozone generators, with advanced IGBT power supply and ozone generation chambers utilizing dehydroxylation quartz glass structure dielectric. The special back flow water prevention design, modular circuit, anti-ox idant dielectric components, connection and pipelines have ensured the products have long er lifespan, bigger corona discharge area, lower temperature and higher ozone concentratio n. The specification and actual performance exceeds most of the similar products.
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Water Softening / Filter Control Valve
GL Series automatic filter control valves correspond to the corresponding specifications of DR/GR softening valves. The structure internal and external is similar, the installation method is the same. The FLOW/TIME dual mode, in the inlet has the flow meter. Achieve all station control by FLOW and water retention memory. Multi-mode relay output interface. LED/LCD touch screen display operation panel, and top and side loading. With the same specification of DR/GR softening valve is suitable for various occasions.
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Household Water Softener System
Widely used for steam boiler, hot water boiler, water heater, Central air conditioning system, superior life water and so on. Control system: Imported from USA, tank material: FRP, carbon steel or stainless steel, we can design flexibly with customer's requirement. Softening resin: Superior 001x7 Strong acid type sodium ions exchange resin. Brine tank material: PE
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Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge
The unique layered construction combined with a rigid case construction provides a high strength and security to withstand the harsh requirements of the Oilfield Industry. All components are thermally bonded, allowing operations at higher temperature, pressure and make the cartridge compatible with most fluids and additives in the industry. 
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2.5 x10'' & 2.5 x 20'' Filter Housings for Point of Use or Small Homes
There are blue and transparent styles water filter housing for sale. 10'' and 20'' to meet different requirement. 2.5'' x10'' and 2.5'' x 20'' filter housings are intended for point-of-use and some light point-of-entry applications. This is the smallest filter you should put on a whole house application. Systems are available in single, dual and triple applications. Inlet sizes available are 1/2 and 3/4.
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Big Blue Jumbo Filter Housing 10'' 20''
Great value Jumbo Big Blue style filter housings available in 10" and 20" sizes. Both sizes feature 1" or 1 1/2'' ports and pressure release / bleed buttons.
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UV Sterilizer For Water Treatment
UV systems sterilize water quickly and effectively. UV disinfection deactivates 99.99% of living organisms in the water. They are designed to run constantly to guarantee the water you use is always safe. Because a UV purifier is not a filter, there's no wastewater or debris left behind to clean out. Every drop of water that enters the UV system is purified. 
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Household Drinking 3/5/6/7/8 Stages RO Water System
High capacity reverse osmosis water filtration for faster, safer, and healthier water. Capable to remove up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including lead (removes up to 98% of lead), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more.
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Water Filter Distributor / Strainer
"Water distributor" is to drain off the water volume according to a certain rule in a certain working area where it is in water treatment FRP tank. The most common is to distribute water evenly on the pressure vessel. Water distributor accomplishes this task and it is a very important part in the pressure vessel.
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PP Water Filter Bags
Liquid filter bags made of polyester felt to offer you quality and efficiency in each bag. Polyester Felt bag materials offer high dirt holding capacity at a low cost. Polypropylene Ring with Handles are standard on our bags at no additional cost.
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