Company Profile

Founded 2007 in Shanghai, HUAMO group has been focused on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Ultrafiltration Membrane, MBR Filtration Systems and Ion Exchange Resin. Thanks to its cooperation with US high-tech companies, Huamo has developed and launched its ultra-low pressure series and brackish water series RO membranes, which have been tested by market and popular both at home and abroad over past few years. Nowadays, Huamo brand has become one of the leading manufacturers of RO/UF membranes in China, with production facility of 10000 ㎡ and annual output of 800,000 pieces of membrane per year.

Corporate vision

We hope to build HUAMO Mall into a national brand in the water treatment and environmental protection industry. Provide genuine, one-stop shopping services for the water treatment industry. In every area of ​​the company, every colleague is the spokesperson of the company. We need to publicize Huamo Environmental Protection Mall, let passers-by know it, implant it in the minds of industry customers, and let users think of Huamo when choosing water treatment products. Only in this way can we truly succeed. 

Create the future together!

Based on the provincial level, we have deployed a nationwide sales network in the trinity of physical stores, e-commerce and international trade, and our domestic business has made great progress. In recent years, HUAMO is gradually accelerating the process of internationalization. Set up a regional director and use 1-2 kinds of products to develop agents in the local area. When conditions are ripe, take root and establish local branches. Truly integrate production, sales and local after-sales service.

Cooperate with HUAMO, create the future together!

Production Workshop