We expect to build Huamo Mall into a national brand in the water treatment and environmental protection industry. Provide genuine, one-stop shopping services for the water treatment industry. In every area of ​​the company, every colleague is the spokesperson of the company. We must publicize Huamo Environmental Protection Mall, let passers-by know it, implant it in the minds of industry customers, and let users think of Huamo when choosing water treatment products. Only in this way can we truly succeed. To build the company's overall brand image, we must start with each of us in China Film.

Bodhi leaf: the company's graphic trademark is the corporate logo.

Symbolizing wisdom and enlightenment, the left edge is the English abbreviation for environmental protection. Half of the burnt leaves are the English translation of environmental protection (environmental protection), and the other half is the restoration of Nirvana.
The Bodhi leaf is not only the logo of our company, but also the totem of our Hua Mo, which represents the corporate image and cultural beliefs.