Experience Concept


Huamo is the Great Wall built by all the brothers and sisters of the company all year round, and a bridge between manufacturers and customers.


The company pursues excellence, cooperation and mutual benefit, and is committed to enhancing supplier brand awareness and performance during cooperation. It has achieved many millions and tens of millions of manufacturers, which further lays down the contribution and ability of China Film Mall in the industry.


Planting melons to get melons, and planting beans to get beans. I hope that every person in Huama will give full play to their self-worth in the company and strive to enhance their personal competitiveness. He firmly believes that spending time and hard work will yield rewards. God rewards hard work.


Huamo's values: mutual trust and mutual benefit, build and share together, walk all the way and create brilliance together. (Focusing on the value of the Huamo Mall platform is something no supplier dare to underestimate.)