Different Type PP Filter Cartridge


PP Filter Element series products are made of ultra-fine polypropylene fibers by thermal fusion entanglement. Microfibers rely on self-adhesion and entanglement to randomly form a three-dimensional microporous structure in space, and the connection between fibers does not require any adhesive, especially with the characteristics of gradient change of radial fibers, which is the best choice for porous and fabric filter media. Complex. On the one hand, it can form deep filtration (a feature of porous filter materials), and on the other hand, it can form surface filtration (a feature of fabric filter materials). It is a composite filter material that integrates pre-filtration, fine filtration and gravity sedimentation. It has been widely used in drinking water purification, industrial pure water filtration and other fluid filtration, and its comprehensive performance is obviously better than other products.

1. Wire Wound Filter Cartridge

It is refined from textile fiber yarns with good filtration performance that are precisely wound on a porous skeleton. Its yarn materials include polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, absorbent cotton fiber, etc. By controlling the winding tightness and thinness of the yarn during winding, filter elements of different precision can be made, which can effectively remove suspended solids and particulate impurities in various liquids, and have a high purification effect on various liquids.

2. Pleated Microporous Filter Cartridge

The folded microporous filter element is a precision filter device made of polypropylene (Polypropylene) thermal spray fiber membrane, nylon (Nylonb) polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEE) microporous filter membrane and other filter media. It has small volume and large filter area. The advantages of high precision. The filtration precision can range from 0.1μm to 60μm. The sealing of the filter element end cap and the connection of the overall structure are all hot-melt bonding. There are three common types of filter element joints: 222 joint, 226 joint, and flat mouth. The products have undergone strict and complete testing before leaving the factory to ensure the stable performance of the products.


Methods to prolong the service time and service life of pp meltblown filter element:

1. Don't change the water source easily, usually the water source we choose is fixed.

2. Improve the operation effect of pretreatment, optimize the dosage of flocculants and coagulants, select scale inhibitors suitable for the water source, adjust each pretreatment equipment to achieve the ideal operating state, and strictly follow the requirements of the operating procedures to ensure that the quality of the pretreatment effluent is qualified.

3. Selecting a quality-assured filter element can not only prolong the service life of the filter element, but also ensure the quality of the filter effluent.


PP Meltblown Filter Cartridge application field:

Pharmaceutical industry: pre-filtration of various injections, liquid medicines and injection bottle washing water, pre-filtration of large infusions and various antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine injections.

Food industry: Filtration of alcohol, beverages and drinking water.

Electronics industry: Pre-filtration of pure water and ultrapure water.

Petroleum and chemical industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and alkalis, oil field water injection filtration.