Maintenance of Seawater Desalination Equipment


Seawater Desalination RO System pretreats seawater to remove suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities. Then, after being pressurized by a high-pressure pump, it enters the membrane desalting equipment, and the produced intermediate fresh water products enter the post-treatment facilities (selected according to different uses of fresh water, such as drinking water, requiring pH adjustment and chlorination sterilization equipment), and are refined into the final product fresh water, and the concentrated brine is discharged from the membrane desalting equipment. In order to ensure the stable operation of seawater desalination, the daily maintenance of Seawater Desalination Equipment is indispensable, so how to carry out the daily maintenance of seawater desalination equipment?

1. Always check the quality of inlet water, so as to facilitate backwashing and replacement of filter element in time.

2. Check whether the valve is leaking.

3. Check the circuit for damage.

4. Turn on the machine to check the inlet pressure and outlet water quality.

5. Regular cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the equipment regularly can enhance the protection of the equipment. Clean the membrane elements in the system. Prepare sterilizing liquid and flush the seawater desalination system. Please refer to the corresponding technical documents of the membrane company or contact the local representative office of the membrane company to obtain relevant technical suggestions.

6. Wipe the equipment with alkaline reagent on a regular basis. Alkaline reagent can neutralize some acidic impurities, improve the treatment effect and prolong the service life of equipment.

7. Replace parts regularly. These components involve filters, isolation belts, etc. Regular replacement can avoid blockage and ensure smooth water flow.

8. Adding lubricating oil in time can improve the running efficiency of the equipment. The sensitive response of the equipment can reduce the chance of equipment friction and stoppage, and also prolong the service life of industrial seawater desalination equipment.

9. Test SDI index regularly. If SDI is too high, it will cause irreversible pollution of the membrane module and shorten the service life of the module.

10. Control the recovery rate. If the recovery rate is too high, on the one hand, the components of insoluble salt exceed the solubility product and scale; on the other hand, the flow rate of concentrated water in the component is too low, which is easy to cause scaling due to concentration polarization, and is not conducive to the discharge of colloids and suspended solids in water.

11. Pay attention to the pressure difference of membrane module. The initial pressure difference of the membrane module is very small. If the pressure difference increases rapidly, it indicates that the membrane module is polluted or fouled. The reason must be found out and corrected.