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MB300 Electronic grade polishing resin

MB300 is a high quality resin mixture for direct purification of water, nuclear product are used in ultra-pure water, radiation waste, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and condensate polishing. Our mixed bed resins may be used in polishers following other types of water processing. Preparation and precision treatment of ultra pure water for electronic industry.High purity silicon free desalting water can be produced with resistivity more than 10MΩ·cm.
It is mainly used in the production of high purity water.


  • Description

    2.Typical Physical and Chemical Properties:


    Items OH - Form H + Form
    Polymer Matrix Structure Gel PolyStyrene Crosslinked with DVB
    Functional Group Quaternary Amine Sulfonic acid
    Volume ratio 50% 50%
    Total Exchange Capacity, min. eq/l   1 1.8
    Water Retention Capacity  % 53-60 45-50
    Particle Size Distribution  mm 0.40-1.25
    >1.25 mm max. % 5 5
    <0.40 mm, max  % 2 2
    Whole Bead Count, min.  % 95 95
    Moisture Content as shipped, max  % 65
    PH Range, Stability 0-14
    Shipping weight (approx.)  g/l 0.67-0.77
    Ionic conversion, min.  % 90 95


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