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Huamo Nanofiltration Membrane 4040 / 8040

The pore size is above 1nm, generally 1-2nm. It is a functional semipermeable membrane that allows solvent molecules or some low molecular weight solutes or low valent ions to pass through. It is a special and promising type of separation membrane, named for its ability to retain substances with a size of about nanometers. It is used to remove the organic matter and color of surface water, remove the hardness of groundwater, partially remove dissolved salts, concentrate fruit juice and separate useful substances in medicines, etc.


  • Description
  • Huamo 280 series NF membranes have ultra-high flux and are capable of removing TOC and THM (trihalides) precursor, at the meantime, NF 280 series offer some selectivity in the passing of divalent salts with moderate passing rate and other salts passing with higher passing rate. It is an ideal membrane element for removing organic matter from surface water and groundwater, softening, concentrating, separating or purifying inorganic salts, organic matters, natural drugs and fermentation broth. NF 280-400/34 elements have a large active area and high permeate flux rate, providing a wide range of water treatment, concentration and separation applications for industries. Suitable for removal of TOC, THM precursors, salts, low operating energy consumption systems under ultra-low pressure, as well as for material separation, municipal and industrial water treatment.


    1. Permeate flow for individual elements may vary ±15 percent from the value specifed. ·

    2. Active membrane area guaranteed ±4%.

    3. Stabilized salt rejection is generally achieved within 24-48 hours of continuous use; depending uponfeedwater characteristics and operating conditions.

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