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001×7MB styrene series strongly acidic cation exchange resin

001×7MB is a sort of cation exchange resin that has sulfonic group (-SO3H) in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with 7% cross-linked degree. It is used mainly to produce pure water and ultra pure water in the mixed bed system, with the characteristics such as excellent hydraulics trait and physical stability.

Executing standard: GB/T 13659-2008 DL/T 519-2014


  • Description

    2.Typical Physical and Chemical Properties:


    Appearance Palm yellow to burnt brown spherical grain
    Ionic form Na+
    Moisture content % 45.00~50.00
    Total exchange capacity mmol/g ≥4.50
    Total exchange capacity mmol/ml ≥1.80
    Shipping weight  g/ml 0.77~0.87
    True density g/ml 1.250~1.290
    Particle size range % (0.500~1.250mm) ≥ 95.0
    Lower limit size  % (<0.500mm)≤1.0
    The effective size mm 0.550~0.900
    Uniformity coefficient ≤1.40
    Sphericity after attrition % ≥90.00



    3.Suggested Operating Condition


    ITEMS Reference value
    PH range 1~14
    Max.operation temperature in sodium form  ℃ 120
    Swelling upon complete conversion(Na+→H+)% ≤ 10
    Working exchange capacitymmol/L ≥1000
    Working flow rate m/h 15~30


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