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Water Softening / Filter Control Valve

GL Series automatic filter control valves correspond to the corresponding specifications of DR/GR softening valves. The structure internal and external is similar, the installation method is the same. The FLOW/TIME dual mode, in the inlet has the flow meter. Achieve all station control by FLOW and water retention memory. Multi-mode relay output interface. LED/LCD touch screen display operation panel, and top and side loading. With the same specification of DR/GR softening valve is suitable for various occasions.


  • Description
  • Features
    1. Full flow control, especially the salt absorption flow control in the regeneration process, saving salt and water, saving energy and reducing consumption.
    2. Keyboard lock function to prevent misoperation.
    3. Power failure parameter protection, power failure memory and water failure memory.
    4. The end face ceramic seal with high flatness and corrosion resistance is adopted, which has good sealing effect and long service life.
    5. The number of repeated flushing can be set.
    6. Optimized design of valve body and flow channel, with greater water production.
    7. Multiple interlocking and multi-mode output control can be used to control the feed water pump, the water inlet solenoid valve, and realize the parallel interlocking of double valves, one for use and one for backup.
    8. The 485 interface can be extended to realize remote control.

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