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201×7 Strong-Base Type I (Gel) Anion Exchange Resin - 副本

201×7(717)is a clear gel Type 1 strong-base anion exchanger with both high operating capacity and the ability to achieve low residual silica levels. It has a clear gel structure, showing excellent regeneration efficiency and rinse characteristics. 201×7()has exceptional physical stability for a conventional gel-type resin which permits a long life without the development of excessive pressure drop; it also shows good kinetics of exchange, enabling very low concentration levels of both strong and weak anions to be achieved at practical flowrates.
It is mainly used in pure water and high purity water manufacturing, extraction and decolorization of biochemical products, wastewater treatment, separation of organics, extraction of radioelements, extracting the tungsten and molybdenum in hydrometallurgy etc.


  • Description

  • 2.Typical Physical and Chemical Properties:

    Items Specification
    Polymer Matrix Structure Crosslinked Polystyrene Divinylbenzene
    Physical Form and Appearance Spherical beads
    Functional Groups [-N(CH3)3OH]  
    Ionic Form ,as shipped CL-
    Total Capacity, CL- form, wet, volumetric ≥1.4eq/l min
    Moisture Retention, CL- form 42-48%
    Particle Size Range 0.3mm-1.2mm
    <0.3mm (max.) 1% 
    Uniformity Coefficient (max.) 1.6
    effective size 0.4-0.7mm
    Reversible Swelling   CL-→ OH –(max.) 18-25%
    Shipping Weight (approx.) 670 -730g/l
    Specific Gravity, moist CL- Form 1.09
    pH Range, Stability 0 - 14


    3.Suggested Operating Condition
    Maximum Temperature OH- Form 60 °C (140oF) max.
    CL- Form 80 °C (176oF) max
    Backwash Rate 50 to 75% Bed Expansion
    Regenerant Concentration 2-4% NaOH
    Regenerant dosage NaOH NaOHvolume:resin volume =3:1
    Regenerant Flow Rate 2 to 4 BV/h
    Regenerant contact Time At least 40 minutes
    Service Flow Rate 10-25m/h


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