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BW-4040 Brackish Water RO membrane

BW-4040 membrane elements are spiral wound, composite polyamide membrane elements for Brackish Water treatment. These membranes are characterized by a high operating feed pressure, normally is 225psi(1.55MPa) and result in higher salt rejection rate(especially good for removing TOC, SiO2, etc.), above 99.5%. These membranes are designed for industrial water treatment applications(NaCl≤10,000ppm, Salt content≤6000us/cm), such as the treatment of brackish and high salinity waters for Electronic factories,Electric Power plants, Petrochemical industry, Coal chemical industry......



  • Description
  • Model Active Membrane Average Permeate Stable Rejection Min. Rejection Spacer Net Thickness
    BW-4040 78ft2 (7.2m2) 2,500gpd (9.5m3/d) 99.5% 99.3% 29mil (0.73mm)


    Testing Conditions Testing Pressure 225psi (1.55MPa) Temperature of Testing Solution 25℃
    Concentration of Testing Solution (NaCl) 2,000ppm pH Value of Testing Solution 7.5
    Recovery Rate of Single Element 15%    



    Operation Limits & conditions

    Max. Feed Water Flow 16gpm (3.6m3/h)
    Max. Working Pressure 600psi (4.14MPa)
    Max. Feed Water Temperature 45℃
    Max. Feed Water SDI15 <5
    pH Range of Feed Water During Continuous Operation 2~11
    pH Range of Feed Water During Chemical Cleaning 1~13
    Residual Chlorine Concentration of Feed Water <0.1 ppm
    Max. Pressure Drop of Single Element 10psi (0.07MPa)
    Max.Turbidity NTU 1.0





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